The Guide to Foreign-Earned Income Exclusion—Part 1: How to Not Pay Taxes (Without Going to Prison)

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Editor’s Note: This article only applies to United States citizens, and we are not—nor do we pretend to be—certified tax professionals. Nothing you read in this article...

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What to consider when deciding where to incorporate your business

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I’ve spent the past twelve years learning as much as possible about the offshore world. You see, I started my venture into offshore business much like everyone else – I gently...

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The Complete Guide to Estonian eResidency

Residency & Visas, Work| Views: 3774

Every now and then, humanity summons an innovation that challenges how we think about the old ways… it just sometimes takes a while to get going. Estonia’s ground-breaking...

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5 Digital Nomad tropes that need to die

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#1 Working from a hammock on the beach You see this standard stock image on any article or website about digital nomadism – laptop + beach. But is it true? Nope. Have you...

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Best Places in the World to Work Online from a Boat

Tools & Tech, Work| Views: 2853

Tips for Identifying Great Places to Work Afloat Long tourist visas Good mobile data networks Affordable standard of living Accessible marina facilities even at anchor (key for...

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Tips for Working Online from a Boat

Tools & Tech, Work| Views: 2261

Working from a boat is a wonderful experience. You can type away while listening to the gentle sound of water lapping against the hull and take regular breaks sunning yourself in...

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Things I Wish I Knew Before Working Online from a Boat

Work| Views: 2627

I’ve been working online from my boat for three years. During those years I’ve also sailed over 17,000 miles around the Atlantic and Caribbean, so I’ve worked from some...

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The Weekly Remote Job Roundup

Work| Views: 1648

Here are a few great remote jobs out there for the week of June 26, 2017: Design Presentation Designer at Duarte Duarte is looking for experienced contract/freelance...

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Pay Up, Motherfucker! Or How Not to Get Ripped Off While Freelancing in Paradise

Money, Work| Views: 1795

Right, so you’ve been doing this for a while. You know, the whole digital nomad thing. Living in exotic locations around the world soaking up coconuts, sunshine, and making your...

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The Weekly Remote Job Roundup

Work| Views: 1799

Here are a few great remote jobs out there for the week of June 19, 2017:   Design Senior Designer at Khan Academy Product designers! Come join Khan Academy and put your...

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