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5 powerful Google Analytics alternatives with a free option

Tools & Tech| Views: 545

If you’re looking to track usage on your site or app, but are starting to feel uneasy with letting Google see everything under the hood, fear not! There are a number of high...

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We’re Under Attack, and your site might be too

Privacy & Security, Tools & Tech| Views: 903

Our humble website is under nearly constant attack by hackers. Now, as much as I’d love to believe it’s because because we’re important and influential tastemakers, sadly...

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Transferwise, My real world experience

Money, Tools & Tech| Views: 2721

This was originally posted on Reddit by Brian Burton. It is reposted here with permission.  A few months ago I asked in a previous thread about the best way to save...

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Basic cybersecurity tactics for digital nomads

Privacy & Security, Tools & Tech| Views: 5472

It’s a tired understatement to say the internet has changed the way the world works – the entire concept of location independence wouldn’t be possible without...

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Best Places in the World to Work Online from a Boat

Tools & Tech, Work| Views: 2822

Tips for Identifying Great Places to Work Afloat Long tourist visas Good mobile data networks Affordable standard of living Accessible marina facilities even at anchor (key for...

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Tips for Working Online from a Boat

Tools & Tech, Work| Views: 2237

Working from a boat is a wonderful experience. You can type away while listening to the gentle sound of water lapping against the hull and take regular breaks sunning yourself in...

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How to Buy a Data SIM Abroad

Tools & Tech| Views: 2491

As digital nomads, the internet is the single most important service that allows us to keep working. The only problem is, when you arrive in a new country, you’re often rushing...

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