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5 powerful Google Analytics alternatives with a free option

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If you’re looking to track usage on your site or app, but are starting to feel uneasy with letting Google see everything under the hood, fear not! There are a number of high powered Google Analytics alternatives that are either free or offer free tiers with features can match or even beat Google.

For Products



Heap is a very robust tool. It isn’t the easiest to use right out of the gate – the configuration takes some time, but it’s pretty powerful once you get the hang of it. You’ll need to be able to install a script in the <head> of your website, so if you don’t know how to do that this might be tricky. We use Heap here on The Anywhere Company, and we’re still playing playing around to get it right.

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Like Heap, Mixpanel is another powerful analytics tool popular among product people. It has the same configuration challenges as Heap, but an additional benefit is that the free tier allows multiple users – Heap allows only one.

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Smartlook offers some very cool features, like heatmaps and screen recording, where it actually takes recordings of people using your product so you can see where they run into trouble. The free tier is pretty limited however, only offering tracking for 2 events and 1 funnel.

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Woopra is a journey focused analytics tool, focusing on who the users are and what their path is through your product. This can be powerful for understanding who uses your product and how they move through it, and most importantly whether they are taking key actions.

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For Content Sites



While Clicky has a less-polished UI than the rest of the options here, it offers all the information you would want to see at a glance, in real-time. It has a large library of app integrations and plugins for easy install, and even offers critical additional features like uptime monitoring. Don’t be put off by the low-fi design, this is a powerful tool – we have an instance running here at The Anywhere Company as well.

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View how users are interacting with your content in real-time, complete with a host of user information. It’s compatible with pretty much every major publishing platform and includes a vast library of over 70+ installation guides to help you get started.

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Do you have any other Google Analytics alternatives you’d recommend? Let us know!

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